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The first Unified Threat Management (UTM) endpoint protection solution for SMBs.

Exosphere combines the most complete layers of protection with the broadest protection against attack vectors. Managed through a simple all-in-one console.


Advanced anti-malware Scan files for malware using AI and machine learning.
anti-ransomware Block ransomware from accessing or overwriting user data.
unified management console Manage all functionality from a single panel.
data backup and restore Backup user files as a last line of defense against corruption by malware or ransomware.
Web control Prevent users from accessing malicious sites such as phishing sites or sites containing malware.


Point-to-point zero trust private network

Connecting all your users, devices, and cloud services with unparalleled speed, security and simplicity.

Speed Up to 25x faster than your legacy VPN
Zero-trust model Identity-defined perimeter
Simplicity No hardware deployment required
Cloud transformation Connect stations, servers, services or users
VPN and SD-WAN alternative Simpler, more affordable software-based alternative, offering greater speed & security


Lightweight Data Leakage Prevention.

Help your customers comply with data privacy regulations. End-to-end data privacy functionality consisting of full data discovery, data flow auditing and risk remediation functions,


Find Sensitive Data Discover regulated data across the organization’s laptops, workstations and servers.
See the dataflow Discover data flow to and from any application, including business sanctioned applications and shadow IT.
Continuous monitoring Create subscription opportunities to provide continuous monitoring and alerts of the risk as it evolves.
Additional Service Opportunities Create services opportunities to assist with compliance audits and drive down data privacy risks.
Risk Report Built in report shows the risk posed by data types, quantity, devices and applications.


Automated cloud-based and on-premise Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability Assessment and Management on networks, hosts and web-applications. Run continuous or period scans, penetration tests and compliance scans such as PCI-DSS.

Scan external assets Automated scans on Web servers and external IT-assets
Full scans on internal networks Deploy local scanners to cover the local networks or network-segments.
Compliance scans Dozens of international and local compliance mandates are covered including: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO-2700x and more.
Non-intrusive The scans are safe to run on production environments, are non-intrusive and do not require special credentials.
Deploy in minutes Start scanning external hosts immediately and scan internal networks by deploying an automated scanning via a VM or machine image.

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Application analytics and data-impact analysis. Providing clear insight into enterprise applications and databases to improve productivity of development and maintenance.

Data Hawk

Understand how data flows in your application. Document and trace how personal information is used for security and compliance.

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